Great Swamp Promotional graphic

Great Swamp promotional graphic c.1960


Interviewees (in order of appearance):

William Koch - Refuge Manager (retired), Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

John T. Kraft - Director, Lenape Lifeways Inc.

Arthur Fenske - Former Green Village Resident

Mark Fenske - Son of Helen & Art Fenske

Karl Fenske, Esq. - Son of Helen & Art Fenske

Susan Fenske McDonough - Daughter of Helen & Art Fenske

Nicolas W. Platt - Mayor, Harding Township

Jameson W. Doig - Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, Emeritus
   Princeton University and Dartmouth College
   Author, Empire on the Hudson

Cynthia M. Robinson - Former New Vernon Resident

Rodney Frelinghuysen - Member of Congress (R-NJ)

Cam Cavanaugh - Author, Saving the Great Swamp: The People,
   The Power Brokers And An Urban Wilderness

George Aguilar - Attorney for Marcellus Hartley Dodge, Neff Aguilar LLC

David F. Moore - Former Director New Jersey Conservation Foundation

Lillie R. Debevoise - Former Chatham Resident

Steve Henry - Former Deputy Refuge Manager, Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Patricia Wells - Co-president, Chatham Township Historical Society